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This is a picture I created to use as a Tomb Raider themed avatar. It features Lara and Sally wearing outfits I designed. The clothes they are wearing is what I imagined they wear when they are at home. Sally Sandford is a character I created. My concept for her was that Lara needed someone to invent all her mission equipment and various scientific equipment/computer systems, etc. Sally is an expert in all forms of technology, being a genius in all this fields. Her armed and unarmed combat skills are equal to Lara's. On a personal note, Sally has known Lara since they were born and, except for the time when they attended different universities (Sally went to Cambridge), they've been with each other for the duration of that time.

This is a signature picture I created to use as Tomb Raider themed signature. It features Lara, Sally, Winston, Sandy and Grishkin outside the front door of their home. Sandy is Lara's trained pet dog. She has had extensive training in Tomb Raiding (Sandy can follow complex verbal instructions) and is a highly trained attack dog. Sandy is a husky. Grishkin is a mutant snow tiger Lara found in India. Her current theory is that Grishkin was bred to attack war elephants. Like Sandy, Grishkin is highly trained, although she is too large to follow Lara into tombs.

This is a signature picture I created to use as my avatar at the aspencomics.com forum. It features Aspen and Kiani wearing outfits I designed. The clothes they wear are specially made to interact with the biology of a water person.

This is toy of a superhero known as Sasquatch that I have. He is part of the Canadian superhero team known as Alpha Flight.

This is a Jake Long avatar I created. The concept for this image is that Rose has joined Team American Dragon to fight the Huntsclan. When she did this, her armor and staff were redesigned to this version. Jake is a form that is halfway between dragon and normal, with all of the normal dragon powers available to him in this form. The armor is worn by Jake in this form.

This is a collage of Camilla Powers in the role of Jill Pole, from the BBC television series The Silver Chair, based on the novel by C.S.Lewis.

This is an animated gif from the Pumpkin King GameBoy Advance Game. It shows one of the animations that occurs when the characters are standing in one place.
Zero cannot be awoken when sleeping!!! :-D

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Lara Croft and Winston copyright Core Design/Crystal Dynamics/Eidos Interactive. Grishkin copyright Top Cow Productions Sally Sandford and Sandy copyright Alex Buckman.
Aspen Matthews and Kiani copyright Aspen Comics. Uniform designs copyright Alex Buckman.
Sasquatch copyright Marvel Comics. Action Figure by Hasbro Toys.
Jill Pole, the Silver Chair, Eustace and Puddleglum copyright the estate of C.S.Lewis. The television series is copyright BBC.
Jack Skellington and Zero copyright Tim Burton/Touchstone Pictures. Pumpkin King GameBoy Advance Footage copyright Buena Vista Interactive.